Penetration testing – Infrastructure

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👉 PenTest of infrastructure (Internal & External)

👉 Validating VPN, Firewall, WiFi, SCADA

👉 Security Hardening of Network and WiFi Services


✔️ Perform Penetration Testing on Infrastructure (Internal & External)

✔️ Conduct Penetration Testing on All the Firewalls, Routers, Switches, VPN, AntiVirus, Servers

✔️ Conduct Penetration Test Manually, Automatic and suggest countermeasures

✔️ Provide Server Hardening steps to countermeasure Security attacks


✔️ Perform Penetration Testing on External IPs and Internal IPs

✔️ Conduct Penetration Testing on Wireless Guest and Enterprise Network

✔️ Conduct Security Assessments for Servers and End Hosts

✔️ Manually validate threats in the system

✔️ Provide Detail Summary of Vulnerabilities identified


✔️ Interesting Vulnerabilities have been identified using assessment across multiple interfaces and Provided Hardening Guidelines

✔️ Suggested Overall Security Posture and Best Practices

Sample Vulnerabilities

check UnAuthenticated Guest Account Creation through WiFi

check Weak Web Authentication for Application Servers

check Crypto Secrets (Keys, Ciphers, Etc.)

check Insecure Network Authentication in Active Directory

check Weak Credentials in WPA2 Wireless Network

check InSecure SCADA (Power Management) Service

check UnPatched Windows Operating Systems

check Insecure SNMP and Telnet Services from External Network

check Cisco VPN Exploitable with CVE-2018-****

Standards followed

CIS Critical 20, NIST


Wireless Consortium, NIST

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