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Restore from Ransomware all for free.

Do you know that 80% Ransomware have been decrypted ?

STEP 1: Isolate the system and backups from network

Save yourselves from spreading the virus further into other computers. Unplug the network cables from all computers or switch off the WiFi immediately. Obviously this will raise alerts on monitoring that the devices are offline from the next 5 mins. All your services to your customers will be offline until you find the BCP.

Disregard from restarting or shutdown.

Do not restart or shutdown any system even if is not infected. but do disconnect from network.

STEP 2: Inform to the Authorities

Inform to your local authorities.

IN India – CERT-IN
US USA – Internet Crime Complaint Centre IC3
UK United Kingdom – Action Fraud
ES Spain – Policía Nacional
FR France – Ministère de l’Intérieur
DE Germany – Polizei
IT Italy – Polizia di Stato
NL The Netherlands – Politie
PL Poland – Policja
PT Portugal – Polícia Judiciária

Escalate to your Security Vendors like : Anti-Virus, EDR, XDR, SoC, VAPT consultant.

STEP 3: Identify Ransomware variant

Upload a ransom note and/or sample encrypted file to identify the ransomware that has encrypted your data.

ransomware detector cynor sense #ransomware

Alternative websites

Know your variant also from alternative websites like:

STEP 4: Attempt to decrypt the files using ransomware decryptor

In case you are not lucky get help from Anti-Virus vendor / local Security Consultants.

Once you know the variant, you can consider to down load the decryptor and run the decryptor on a copy of encrypted files. You may note that the encrypted files are not harmful if you copy them over to other computer. Do not copy on to any critical system though.

STEP 5: If decryptor doesn't work ?

Well, todays RAAS Ransomware as a service is making almost impossible to decrypt the files. If you are not lucky, try to investigate through forensic methods. Eventually it means that you need
an expert to crack through.

Need help to recover from Ransomware ?

Get a professional now, time is money with Ransomware !

If you are not able to know the variant or you are not able to handle Ransomware spread ? Get an expert. Many cyber security services only charge minimum if they don’t restore. It, also adds second pair of eyes to help you.

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